Zodiac W20750 Nature2 SPA Stick Mineral Sanitizer (2-Sanitizers)



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Brand: Zodiac

Details: Nature2 Spa Mineral Sanitizer Effective Mineral Sanitization Mineral process uses silver ions to destroy bacteria and algae. Minerals like silver and copper have long been known for their sanitizing, antimicrobial properties. Nature2 SPA uses these proven ingredients in conjunction with your spa's filtration system to create clean, clear water. Our mineral process delivers trace amounts of silver and copper automatically into your spa water for continuous sanitizing and healthier pH levels. Uses Less Chlorine or Bromine Nature-friendly Spa Sanitization: Nature2 SPA is perfect for spa owners looking for an nature-friendly, low maintenance alternative to heavy chlorine or bromine to keep their spa clean and free of harmful bacteria and viruses. Using an EPA-approved mineral bed technology to effectively kill bacteria safely and effortlessly, Nature2 SPA reduces bromine and chlorine usage by up to 50% in most spas — so you won't feel, smell, or be affected by harsh chemicals. Combine with Nature2 Cense for a complete spa sanitizing solution with 0 ppm chlorine or bromine* plus the added benefit of aromatherapy. *Nature2 Spa is 0 ppm chlorine or bromine only when combined with an MPS like CENSE. Easy To Use Installs in seconds: Simply drop the Nature2 SPA stick into your spa's filter and forget about it for up to four months! Nature2 SPA will keep your spa sparkling clean and smelling great – even in-between use. Hassle-Free Stays out of sight and won't stain your spa: Nature2 SPA works with your existing filter to give you clean, clear, sparkling water. You won’t see it, but you'll notice a big difference.

EAN: 0689206379976

Package Dimensions: 1.0 x 1.0 x 1.0 inches


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