In The Swim Pool Calcium Hardness Increaser - 25 Pound Bucket



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Brand: In The Swim

Color: Multicolor


  • Average 97% Calcium Chloride
  • Increases calcium hardness level
  • Dosage 6 lbs per 10,000 gallons to raise calcium hardness level about 50 ppm
  • Prevents aggressive or corrosive water

Binding: Lawn & Patio

Details: In the Swim Pool Calcium Hardness Increaser is a great way to resolve low hardness levels. When the calcium hardness level in your pool gets lower than 200 ppm the water is considered aggressive. Aggressive water wants to fulfill its need for nutrients by pulling the minerals from the interior surface causing etching, and corrosion on handrails and pool ladders. To fulfill the need of the water add the Calcium Hardness Increaser to raise the Calcium hardness. The ideal range is 200 - 400 ppm. Product is average 97% granular calcium chloride. Dosage: 6 lbs. per 10,000 gallons will raise the hardness level approximately 50 ppm. In The Swim Pool Calcium Hardness Increaser should not be premixed or mixed with a small amount of water. Hardness increaser when mixed with a small amount of water or in a bucket will go thru a chemical reaction that will generate heat. In The Swim Pool Calcium Hardness Increaser should not be introduced until after a water test has been completed. Once the water test has been completed and the low calcium hardness level has been confirmed. Start by measuring out the suggested amount of calcium hardness increaser into a chemical safe container. Once the appropriate amount has been measured cast it across the surface of the pool with the circulation system running.

Package Dimensions: 13.0 x 13.0 x 12.0 inches


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